Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi everyone! So this last weekend I had a rather short, but much needed vacation. And where did I go on vacation you ask? Disneyland of course!  Yes, that place where imagination, wait times and small children run wild. Disneyland, as busy and crowded as it can be, holds many precious memories for me. I grew fairly close to the magical kingdom built by Walt Disney. Sometimes, my parents would take my brother and I after school and we would simply go to have dinner or watch the fireworks. Disneyland is a place that has been close to my heart since I was a small child. So, when I was invited to join my best friends family of 17 people for two days in Disneyland, and then my other friend and her school mates for the third day, it was a trip that I couldn't pass up. One of the best parts about going to Disneyland with people that you get along with is that no matter how long the lines are, there is always a way to keep yourself entertained. We played word games, we talked and laughed a lot, and overall we just enjoyed each others company. On top of the fact that I needed the vacation, this trip really made me appreciate how blessed I am to have friends that I enjoy being around. I also am super thankful for the memories that my family has helped me make. So let me share some moments and pictures from the trip. Some of them are definitely blurry, so bare with me, lol.

This is one of the awesome groups I got to go with. Of course, this was in the morning, so we don't look exhausted yet. Lol

This is the two little munchkins with the other group posing with Cinderella's Fairy godmother. Aren't they freakin precious?

The next few are from the amazing Paint the Night Parade. It's kind of the reincarnated version of the electric parade, for those of you who know what I'm referring to. 

These were the coral dancers that danced in front of the Little Mermaid float. They were so cool! 
(Side note: can you imagine how in shape you have to be to dance through the whole parade with the heavy light equipment on? I am still thoroughly impressed.)

The Little Mermaid herself. She was darling and did a fantastic job. Plus, the float she was on was incredible. 

It's Slinky! And Woody! Best Cowboy around.

This picture makes my heart ache a little. When we were very small, my parents used to put me and my brother in our stroller and buy these exact Mickey cookies from the corner bakery to eat while we watched the fireworks. So, right before the parade and fireworks, I got some coffee and a Mickey cookie. It made me tear up, but it also made me smile.

And of course, there was a lot more to the trip, but these were just a few of the memories I was able to capture on camera. And last but not least, my favorite picture.

As I stood and said farewell to Disneyland, I was left in a state of awe. It amazes me what one man was able to do with an imagination and a mouse. Walt Disney had the heart, spirit and imagination of a child. Because of this, he was able to change the world. I was teary eyed and full of wonder when I thought about the many children, adults, artists and so on that have been inspired by one man's incredible legacy. 

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  1. Those coral dancers...woah.
    Glad to see you had such a good time!